Jessica C. Alexander

Hi! My name is Jessica C. Alexander and I am a Montgomery, AL native and an alumna of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business. I am known as the Possibility Strategist who helps individuals and small businesses get clear on their purpose, their plan, and their personal brand. I am very passionate about helping individuals reach their goals and does this through one-on-one coaching, digital courses, through my book, “Boss Up!" Pursue Your Purpose With Confidence”, and my signature event, Boss Babes Brunch Tour. I also enjoys empowering audiences as a keynote speaker and workshop speaker at events and conferences across the United States and beyond.


Before founding Operation Evolve, I worked as an experiential marketing professional. I have managed branding campaigns for Nissan, Verizon, Columbia Sportswear, Coke, Microsoft, Walt Disney World Company, and several others. I utilize her branding and marketing background to equip clients with the skills to successfully position themselves for success.

In addition to my professional experience, I am also a pageant fanatic. I am the reigning Miss Natural Hair and Health Expo Beauty 2018. I previously reigned as Miss Black Alabama USA 2014 and placed in the Top 15 at the Miss Black USA competition. For me, pageantry is more than just pretty gowns and crowns. I havee used pageantry as not only a tool to pay for my education, but a way to gain confidence, public speaking skills, and so much more. I continue to help pageant contests prepare through Crown Chasers Collective. In 2018, I partnered with Montgomery Public School Systems to create a new program, Wear Your Crown, that provided pageantry, leadership, and character development for 4th an 5th grade girls.  


My mother described me as a “Jack of all trades, master of ALL!” Over the years, I have been very fortunate to acquire and master several skill sets from many industries. I now uses my skills to help others evolve into the best versions of themselves.


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The Possibility Strategist

For the longest time, I put myself in a box. I did not think I would be able to use all of my skills, gifts, passion, and education and have. I thought I would have to choose just one way to do things. What I have learned is that every experience has a common thread. My job is helping individuals discover what is possible in their personal and professional brand. My areas of expertise are discovering your purpose, branding, marketing, public relations, and communications. These core areas are relevant in every lane that I speak, write, and coach in.

So, whether you are a pageant contestant, entrepreneur, or sitting in a workshop, I teach you the importance of these skills, help you implement a unique strategy, and take your vision to the next level.


“Boss up! pursue your purpose with confidence”

I remember when I first received the vision for Operation Evolve, LLC. I was working as a car saleswoman at a car dealership in Auburn, Alabama. I knew I was created for more. I knew I had more inside of me than what my current circumstances revealed. I cried out for God to reveal my purpose to me and He gave me two words, “Use it.”

I quickly realized that my purpose was to use my skills, education, and passion to make sure no one else felt the level of hopelessness I did in my role as a sales woman. I was so excited that I quit my job to pursue this business, but I did nothing. I was scared and didn’t know where to start. Because of that, it took me four entire years to make my first step.

I wrote “Boss Up!” for the person who is like 2012 Jessica. Passionate about their purpose, but overwhelmed and fearful. This book will eliminate the fear, teach you how to create a support group, and maximize your present resources. It’s time for you to Boss Up!


boss babes brunch tour

I hosted the very first Boss Babes Brunch in Montgomery, Alabama in August 2016. My goal was to create a space for women entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate in a positive environment. I wanted a place where women didn’t feel judged because of what title was on their name tag or what label was on their handbag. It was an amazing afternoon of Motivation, Mingling, and Mimosas. So amazing, that it continued to grow.

In 2018, I knew I had to share this event with more women across the country. I packed my car and started my journey across the United States to host the very first Boss Babes Brunch Tour. There were 24 stops and we hosted over 500 women. This year, it will be even bigger and better.

For the 2019 tour, each event will feature: local vendors, workshops, the Boss Babe panel, and a business pitch competition. We are also bringing on a new team of Boss Babe Ambassadors. See how you or your organization can be involved in our upcoming tour!





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