Operation Evolve is passionate about providing girls 8-18 with personal and professional development. Since 2016, we have been active with school systems, youth development organizations, and conferences to provide students with the the skills to make them successful in their schools, communities, and home.

We like to call our program participants our J.E.W.E.Ls:

We educate and empower the youth through our curriculum, workshops, conferences, and through speaking engagement at schools and community events.

In 2018, Operation Evolve partnered with Montgomery Public Schools and Highland Gardens Elementary School in Montgomery, Alabama to create the Wear Your Crown curriculum.

This 16-week curriculum focused on character development, leadership training, public speaking, self-esteem, and pageantry training. This program culminated with the first ever Little Miss Highland Gardens Pageant.

We are looking forward to providing this blueprint to schools across the county to provide ways for our youth to evolve. We would love to partner with your school or organization.

Please feel free to send an email to to connect!

Little Miss Highland Gardens Pageant  May 2018

Little Miss Highland Gardens Pageant
May 2018