What is Crown Chasers Collective?

Crown Chasers Collective is the premiere pageant training platform for future queens, reigning queens, and pageant directors. We provide affordable and hands-on training that successfully prepare you for a successful and productive experience. We do this through one-on-one coaching, webinars, e-courses, and live workshops. 


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One-on-One Coaching Packages

Do you have specific needs that can only be addressed by a trained coach? Wear Your Crown 101 has a variety of packages for every budget and need. Whether it is a local, state, or national pageant. We will help you wear your crown!                                                                         


E-Courses & Webinars

Do you prefer more self-paced training? If so, our digital portal will offer you exactly what you need. We have courses that cover everything from preparing for your interview, booking appearances, soliciting sponsorship, and developing your platform!


Live Workshops 

Starting in Spring 2018, Wear Your Crown 101 will be traveling to different cities to conduct training workshops for Teen, Miss, and Ms. contestants. Workshops will last four hours and will include materials. Contestants will leave confident for their next competition!

In 2017, Wear Your Crown 101 coached six queens who won their pageants on the national, state and local level. Our queens are winning and we can help you win too!
— Jessica Alexander- Creator of Crown Chasers Collective

Download our free interview tool, "25 Questions Every Pageant Girl Should Know."

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