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Boss Babe University is a digital learning platform created for creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and Boss Babes across the globe. We make learning accessible and effective for those trying to level up in their personal and professional lives.

What we have come to find is that there are so many individuals with million dollar ideas, but a poor strategy. We know how difficult it can be to manage a schedule, start a brand, and grow it without the right tools. But we have created solutions that are perfect for every budget!

Boss Babe University will provide a membership option that will provide you with ongoing resources and support. Additionally, other courses and webinars focuse on four major areas that impact the growth and development of every brand:

  1. Mindset- “If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done.” To make it to your next level, you have to renew the way you think.

  2. Money- Money is a tool. If you have never been in a position to manage money, invest, budget, determine your prices, etc., it could be a scary process. But, we have you covered!

  3. Management- This is more than just making sure staff is on time and on task. Money, time, resources, and yourself are just a few things you manage daily.

  4. Marketing- The entire marketing process can be tedious and overwhelming. However, we have created a simple process that will help you successful market your brand to the right audience!


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