Making History One I.D.E.A. at a Time

March is Women’s History Month and it is the perfect time to celebrate some of the women who have made strides in their careers. Women like Madame C.J. Walker, the first woman millionaire in the United States.  Ruth Handler, the creator of the Barbie Doll. Or Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire who has built an international media empire.


There have always been Boss Babes in each generation. But in 2019, the opportunity to blaze your own trail and make history is much more tangible. Although the idea of creating a movement as big as Oprah can be pretty overwhelming. But, Oprah did not start out as a billionaire with an international influence. She started with a simple I.D.E.A.

Initial idea – It may sound cliché, but if you can BELIEVE it you can ACHIEVE it. Everything that exists today started with a thought. From the car you drive to the faucet you get water from. Once you have your idea, you need to be determined to see it through.

Determination – Currently, I am on the 2nd Boss Babes Brunch Tour. I can tell you that the initial idea does not carry you to the level of success you desire. There is a level of determination that you must have if you want to see the initial idea come to fruition. The struggle is real but it is a part of the process.

Execution – You can have the best idea in the world. It can be groundbreaking on paper, but if you never put any action behind it, it will remain an idea. Or worse, someone else will execute it. Many of us believe that we are the only person with our idea, but that is not true. There is nothing new under the sun.

I’ll never forget the day when my mom had a revolutionary idea for a spoon-straw combo for eating cereal. Our family was about to come up! Until we saw our million-dollar idea on the shelf. We were shook! That day, I learned that you have to execute because someone else is coming for your spot.

Adjustment – It is a very rare occasion when someone does something perfectly the first time. And oftentimes, you will have to make changes to your initial plan. Not that you have to change your idea, but you should plan on being flexible with the process. There will be mistakes, disappointments, successes, and failures. Learn and adjust accordingly.

 As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it is important to remember that we ALL have the potential to make our unique mark on the world. Start with an I.D.E.A. and even you can be the Oprah of your generation.

Jessica AlexanderComment