3 Ways to End Your Business Dry Spell

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and it is right around the corner. But, as much as I love this time of the year and seeing couples out celebrating their love, we all know that all relationships are not perfect. In fact, sometimes, relationships go through that dreaded dry spell. You know, that period when things are not as fun, exciting, and sexy as they were in the beginning.

As I began to think more on this concept, I realized that this didn’t just apply to a relationship with a significant other, but it also applies to the relationship between the business and the business owner. There are periods when your business isn’t getting much action and you are frustrated because you do not know what to do.

Since I started Operation Evolve in 2016, I can count many times when I was just over it. But, instead of throwing in the towel, I would do one of these three things to get my groove back.


1.       Reflect – Not too long ago, I was going through it. If I can be transparent, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears some days. Putting together an international tour can be stressful and I was working day and night with no breaks. But, I knew I needed to change up my routine. So, I decided to take a day to breathe.

I took a bubble bath, read a book for leisure, wrote in my journal, and prayed. I felt centered and peaceful at the end of the day. I have decided to be more intentional about taking some me time and I have been guns-a-blazing’ ever since.


2.       Learn a new skill – Oftentimes, we find ourselves going in circles. We are trying to make progress, but we do not have all of the necessary tools to build what we need to succeed in our business. When you find yourself needed more tools for your business, you need to invest in personal and/or professional development. You can do things like go to a conference or invest in a course or business coach to give you the knowledge you need to get over your rough patch. For newer business owners, I would suggest the Boss Babe University Membership for $49/month. There are weekly webinars, an active Facebook community, and mentorship that will help your brand grow to the level you desire. You can find more information HERE.


3.       Check out your similar businesses – So, let’s be real. It is very unlikely that you are the only person who does what you do. And with the growing number of entrepreneurs in the world, you can easily draw inspiration from another business. Even if that person is in a completely different industry as you. When growing your brand, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Check out different marketing and social media strategies that could work for you. Find conferences or events you could attend as a vendor. Do some research. But, do not think that larger corporations are not doing the exact same thing. Check out this Burger King commercial!

You don’t have to completely copy, but you can be inspired and put your own twist on it. At the very least, you will gain more insight into your industry and be open to more ideas.


Business owners and creatives, it is important to know that dry spells happen. But, the moment you recognize you are in one, you need to take the initiative to escape it so you don’t find yourself ready to break things off with your business.