The Ultimate Toolkit for the Bootstrapping Boss Babe

Hey Boss Babes and Beaus!

Sometimes, building a brand doesn’t start with a small loan from friends and family or an infusion of cash from a venture capitalist. For many new entreprenurs, you have to use what you have to get what you want. Over the past couple of years, I have used a lot of tools while growing Operation Evolve. The list below are some of my favorites. I am sure there are one or two tools that will help you grow your brand!

1.       G-Suite – I am firm believer in having a professional email address. There isn’t anything “wrong” with having a regular Gmail account. But, a professional email address allows you to use platforms like Mailchimp to send emails to your mailing list. If you CLICK HERE and use the code (3DEJQ6DVTTCDDTH ) you will get 20% off of your first year!

2.       Mailchimp – Social media is great, but if you have a product or service, you need an email list. Mailchimp allows you to create custom emails that you can schedule. You can also create landing pages, ads, and email sequences.

3.       Loom – Loom is a dope add-on to your laptop that allows you to record your screen and do a voiceover. This is perfect for recording instructions for a new hire/client or for creating digital courses.

4.       Zoom – If you have video calls with our clients or employees, Zoom is a great tool for online meetings. You can share your screen, record your session, and have multiple participants.

5.       Teachable – If you are looking to create digital courses, this is a great platform to start on. There is a free version. However, if you want more features, there are three paid options.

6.       Canva – You do not really need to pay $50 plus dollars for your printed or digital products when you are just starting your business. Canva has great design templates for flyers, logos, and presentations. This platform is FREE. However, I highly suggest the paid version that has so many more features.

7.       Squarespace – You need a website. Period. Squarespace is affordable ad has templates that you can customize by plugging in your own content. Also, with a commerce account, you can sell your products or services directly from the site.

8.       Buffer – Who has time to post to social media all day? Buffer allows you to schedule your posts in advance. Of course, there is a paid version that provides more features such as multiple social media accounts.

9.       Acuity scheduling – Do you need a place for your current and future clients to set appointments without constantly having to add appointments to your calendar? Acuity is a perfect platform for your clients. You can also collect payment!

10.   Qapital – We already know that it can be a struggle to save at times. Qapital makes it supper easy! You set your goals and the app does the rest! Sign up HERE and use the code cy8gb7c7 to start with a little bonus to your new savings account!