The Beauty of Ignorance

Ignorance – n. lack of knowledge or information


Ignorance is bliss is phrase I have heard my entire life. I have never fully grasped the concept until May 2018 when I packed my car full of things and started my journey for the first ever Boss Babes Brunch Tour. I was so excited to travel to cities across the United States to meet Boss Babes, see places I had never seen, and grow as an individual.

My theme song for was “Everybody Mad” by O.T. Genesis and it was on repeat. It was just a mood, ok. And I was really doing it! Taking on the open road with God for six months. I was so excited to the journey that was before me. I was excited about the people I would meet, the places I would go, and finally getting enough courage to jump outside of my comfort zone.

Now that I have successfully completed my first tour, I can tell you, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into lol. Yes, I have managed tours and marketing campaigns for other companies. But, this was different. It was my company, my reputation, and my money on the line. And chile, it was quite the journey.

I’ll never forget the moment I posted my schedule online. I was met with skeptical applause and an occasional, “Oh okay, girl.” There was so much I did not know. But, what I did know was that I was called to do it. And, I was in good company. Since the beginning of time, there have been those individuals who have made their mark on history because of their decision to act despite their ignorance.

I think about biblical figures like Noah, Moses, and David. I also think about more modern day heroes like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Oprah Winfrey. They did not know everything at the beginning of their journeys, but, they knew that they had to follow their purpose. Because they said, “Yes” at a time when their outside circumstances could have encouraged another outcome, we are able to share their stories. Don’t you want a story worth telling?

As I have been writing my life story, I have learned three important things about the beauty of ignorance:

1.       Information will either intimidate you or inspire you – I knew that Boss Babes Brunch Tour was something I was called to do, but when faced with the “facts”, it could have been easy for me to back off and say that I am not equipped or ready for this. However, I was inspired to push myself harder and seek God more for the resources I would need to be successful.

2.       Ignorance is humbling – You will never know everything. Although I had worked in events for years, I did not know how to do everything on my own. I had to be confident enough in my purpose to ask for help without feeling unqualified.

3.       Moving ignorance is better than stagnant confidence- Now, there are levels to this. Don’t just be in these streets moving wildly in the name of your purpose. However, if you are not as equipped in areas of your purpose, yet you continue to move in that direction, you will be 1000% more pleased with yourself than if you choose to stay in the position that you are currently really competent in. Don’t you want to grow?


I share all of this is because I know there are people who will read this that are nervous about making that next move simply because they do not know everything. However, I want to encourage you to change the narrative of your story. Despite what you don’t know now, you still are equipped what you need to start writing the next chapter in your life.

That is what I did! I want to share a beautiful story of a woman who trusted God and herself enough to go despite what she should have been doing based on her background and experience. A story of a woman who was able to pick herself up while she was down while empowering others to do the same. A story of a woman who was confidently ignorant of the things that could go wrong.

Ignorance is not always a bad thing.

Ignorance gave me the freedom and the confidence to do something I had never seen done by ANYONE in my network, community, or family.

Ignorance allowed me to try and fail at things without having an ounce of shame.

Ignorance put me in rooms that opened my eyes to what would be possible for my life and for my business.

Ignorance put me in a position of influence where I can share my knowledge with others who can blaze their own trails.

Ignorance gave me one of the most incredible journeys of my life.

A journey that pushed me, challenged me, inspired me, broke me, rebuilt me, and helped me evolve into the next level version of myself.

You have an opportunity to grow into who you have been called to be. Allow yourself to see the beauty in every moment of your journey. Even the ignorant ones. Trust me when I say, you already have everything you need to starts.

Jessica C. Alexander is the founder of Operation Evolve, LLC and the author or “Boss Up! Pursue Your Purpose with Confidence”